30 September 2015

Mandala Bag - Update

Hello! It seems all I'm making these days are bags. Actually, this is not entirely true, I have other projects that are not bags, would you believe it, but I have failed to blog about them recently. This will have to be remedied soon.

However, for now, let's take a look at the progression on my Mandala Bag, shall we? I have now joined both panels, and am now in the process of making two straps, which will be supported by four wooden rings and attached to the body of the bag with four connectors, crocheted in the same way as the straps. Not sure if this makes sense...

The straps are made of 8 long rows of dcs in the yellow, with a blue border made of of 1 row of dcs, and 1 row of crabstitch. The connecters, which are not pictured above - as they hadn't yet been made! - will be much shorter versions of the straps. The ends of the straps will be wrapped and secured around the wooden rings, while the connecters will be folded in half around the rings with both ends secured onto the body of the bag. I promise to post pictures soon to make all this look crystal-clear!

In the meantime, go check other hooksters' work at Jijihook's for the Granny Love Challenge.

Thanks for reading! :)

23 September 2015

Noro Granny Square Bag - Another Update

Hello! Oh my word, it has been ages! Three weeks! And actually the last post was scheduled, so for me it has really been four weeks since I actually wrote something on this blog. The main reason is I was on holiday for the first two weeks of September, and since coming back I have mainly focused on finding a place to move to. The move is set to happen early October and though a place has now been found, the move needs to be organised, which means less time for crafty stuff, unfortunately.

Anyway, enough of boring life facts. On to more interesting things like crochet. I crocheted a lot on holiday. None of it involved granny squares, which is why I haven't been taking part in the latest Granny Square challenges over at Jijihook's. But today I have found time to take pics of my recent granny square progress, more specifically on the Noro bag I blogged about last time.

And here we go:

Top of the picture above, you can see the collection of grannies I presented you three weeks ago. The design of my bag also requires triangles, as well as black pieces both square and triangular. At this stage I still need one more colour triangle and four other black ones. I haven't yet decided whether I'll join them with a contrasting row of dcs.

Here's a closer look at one of the triangles:

Let me tell you, though, that it wasn't easy to take the above pictures...

Someone has been extremely clingy since I came back from holiday, and keeping him out of the frame, which he's usually never that bothered with, was a real challenge! Bless his little white cotton socks...

Thanks for reading, guys, and see you soon! :)

02 September 2015

Noro Granny Square Bag - An Update

Hello, everyone! Just a quick one today, as I'm on holiday and feeling very lazy indeed! :D I've carried on with the Noro granny squares from last week, using three different balls of Noro Silk Garden, and here's what I have so far:

And a few close-ups...

That's it for this week, folks. Don't forget Jijihook's Granny Love Challenge!

Thanks for reading! :)