30 March 2016

Update On The South Bay Shawlette Front

Quite a while ago, I embarked on a South Bay Shawlette project. Back then, I predicted it would take me a while, and I was absolutely right!

It's not even finished yet, as I'd like to add a row or two of the grey yarn to complete it. However, I have woven the ends in to be able to wear it in the last chilly days of early spring.

Here's the result so far:

The grey and turquoise yarn are the Icelandic brand Lopi, the cream one is, I think, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, and the variegated one is Araucania (though not sure which range anymore...). The whole thing is crocheted with a 5mm crochet hook. It has a beautiful drape and is very warm indeed.

That's it for now, and that's one for the Granny Love Challenge over at Isa Bricole, where you can see other grannyesque creations.

Thanks for reading! :)

21 March 2016

Textured Ripple Cowl Scarf - Basic Pattern

Hello! I have been meaning to share this finished project with you for a while now, so am delighted that I'm finally getting round to it.

It started with a few balls of Noro Silk Garden found on offer at my local John Lewis:

If you've read my blog before, you'll know I'm a huge fan of variegated yarn in general and of Noro yarn especially. And what's not to like? It's so lusciously beautiful...

Anyway, although I knew straight away I wanted to make a wearable out of it, I wracked my brains for a while, looking for a pattern that would bring out the magnificent colours of this yarn. Then I thought "ripples". But not any ripple pattern. It wanted it to have texture, so I adapted Attic 24 Lucy's Neat Ripple Pattern by basically adding a row of double crochet (US single crochet) stitches between each row of trebles (US double crochets). The main thing about this in-between row is that it was worked in the back loops of the trebles from the previous row (with the wrong side of the scarf facing me). Once the row was finished, I would turn and start a new row of ripples, working in the back loops of the double crochets (US scs) of the previous row AND in the back loops of the trebles from the row before that one. This double loop trick helped to make the scarf a lot denser and warmer. I know it sounds confusing... It's one of those that would definitely need a photo or video tutorial (note to self).

Anyway, here's how it looks in the flesh fibre:

And worn by yours truly:

So, to sum up...

Note: I have just realised I haven't exactly followed Lucy's pattern in the sense that I made tr3tog instead of tr2tog, and 3 tr in one stitch instead of 2. This makes for a slightly more pronounced ripple, but the principle is the same.

Abbreviations: ch (chain), dc (UK double crochet = US sc/single crochet), tr (UK treble = US dc/double crochet), tr3tog (3 UK trebles together), bl (in back loop), blx2 (in back loop of dc of previous row AND in back loop of 3rd ch/tr from row before)

Beginning: Chain a multiple of 14+3 (I did 45), turn.
Row 1: 2 tr in 4th loop from hook, 1 tr in next 3 ch stitches, *[tr3tog in next 3 ch stitches] twice, 1 tr in next 3 ch stitches, [3tr in next ch stitch] twice, 1 tr in next 3 ch stitches*, repeat from *to* until you have one ch stitch left and work 2 tr in that one, ch1, turn.
Row 2: 1 dc bl in each tr/tr3tog to end, ch3, turn.
Row 3: 2 tr blx2 in last dc, 1 tr blx2 in next 3 dc, *[3trtog blx2 in next 3 dc] twice, 1 tr blx2 in next 3 dc, [3tr blx2 in next dc] twice, 1 tr blx2 in next 3 dc*, repeat from *to* until you have one ch stitch left and work 2 tr blx2 in that one, ch1, turn.
Row 4 - x: repeat row 2 and 3 to desired length.

To make up into cowl scarf: fold both ends with right sides together and join with a row of dc in back loops of both rows. Fasten off and weave ends in.

Let me know how you get on and if you spot any mistakes in the above pattern.

Thanks for reading! :)

16 March 2016

Decorative Flowers

Hello! My goodness, has it been that long since my last post? Three months! Well, the good news is I haven't been idle, I have been prepping the wedding, which is now in less than 2 months, and crocheting my dress, which I am pleased to say is finished, at least for the crochet part. I will of course show it on the blog, but in due time... ;-)

In other wedding-related news, I have been crocheting tiny flowers to scatter on the tables on the big day. I should really get a move with those ones, as I will need a couple of hundreds, methinks...

Anyway, here's a peek:

The pattern is by Color n' Cream and can be found here. They're huge fun to make and brilliant to use up those scraps of yarn. They're very versatile, not to mention extremely cute. You could make hairclips, brooches, necklaces, bracelets or even decorate cards with them. Definitely give them a go, you'll love them!

Thank you for reading, everyone, and see you very soon!