12 August 2015

One Finished Granny Square Bag

Hello everyone! Here's another installment of Wednesday grannies with my finally complete green granny square bag I have been blogging about for the past few weeks. All there was left to do was to insert a lining.

So I used a bit of felt for padding, already sewn and turned inside out in the pic below, ready to be inserted:

I love using felt in crochet bags. It helps hide the wrong side of the lining fabric, especially if it's a print, and gives the bag body and stability. I have used it in many of my bags, such as this one and this one.

Then, I tackled the lining fabric, which I introduced to you a few weeks back. Do you recognise it? It's the remnants of fabric from my first sewn garment. Anyway, the patch pocket was pinned into place...

...and sewn.

Then, the lining was sewn together (not once but three times, due to a string of very silly mistakes), trimmed...

...and sewn into the felt casing, which procedure I have no pictures of, I'm afraid, as it was done late at night.

Finally, the lining was hand-sewn to the crochet bag, using my favourite tutorial by Futuregirl.

And done!

Love, love, love how it turned out, and I intend to make more with a similar layout of squares. Go see lots more grannies at Jijihook's, as usual.

Take care! :)


  1. Love your bag! Good tip about the felt, it makes the bag even better and firmer I suppose.
    The little pink flower is the right finishing touch!

  2. very beautiful, i like this bag

  3. trop bien ton sac, tu es une vraie spécialiste, I love it !!!! <3

  4. ce petit sac est magnifique j' aime beaucoup tes choix de couleurs félicitations biz