28 October 2015


Well, hellooo, has it been a while! After a very stressful move and a few equally stressful weeks settling down or trying to (it's a bit of a shock to leave the hustle and bustle of London for the rural quiet of Buckinghamshire), I finally find myself with some time to dedicate to blogging/crochet.

That being said, my 'crojo' is still suffering from a few things, such as the fact that although I now have a craft room all to myself, I still lack the adequate furniture to organise my supplies. Therefore, the yarn is piled up on shelving that is way too small - meaning that if you try to retrieve a specific ball, the whole arrangement comes tumbling down on the floor - and my fabrics, notions, books and other craft-related bits and pieces have nowhere to go but various plastic or cardboard boxes that you can't touch without the room promptly looking like a hurricane has just been through it...

Anyway, today I decided I really needed to scratch my crochet itch, and grabbing two minute balls of cotton thread, I made a granny square. It was hugely satisfying to see it come to life, especially after a pretty awful day.

So here it is, from a French cheapy book - title: 60 Points réalisés au crochet - on crochet blocks with graphs, I give you the pentagon from page 108, in cotton thread 8 on a 2mm crochet hook:

I like the dainty look of the resulting piece, though I do think it a bit of blocking would do no harm. I don't think I had worked with such fine yarn before, and I could definitely feel the strain in my hands!

Anyway, not sure what I'll do with this one, as it was just a way to get back into crafty mode :)

Thanks for popping by, and hopefully see you again before long!

And this way for more grannies!


  1. c' est vraiment très sympa très aérien a la fois a bientôt pour la suite biz

  2. vraiment contente de te retrouver :) en plus avec un très joli nouveau granny ! courage à toi pour la suite de ton aménagement !

  3. Ce granny est aérien et les couleurs lumineuses.