11 November 2015

A Project Close To My Heart

Hello! I have just embarked on a massive project which I sincerely hope will turn out amazing. It so happens that Mr Little Crochet and I are getting married next year. Soooo, I kind of have decided to crochet my wedding dress. Yep, I know, what am I thinking, eh? But the decision is made, and the first few rows have already been started. I have already gone through a mild panic when I had a very hard time finding more yarn online.

The dress itself is from a vintage pattern I have found during hours of Pinterest surfing. But I also thought I could embellish it with crochet appliqués of some form, and so, I have made a few motifs from various Pinterest locations, mostly Irish/freeform crochet inspired. So far, I am just experimenting with stuff, and the idea is to make quite a few different motifs to choose from, and in various colours, too. Worst-case scenario, if they don't look that great on the dress, they can always be used as table centrepieces on the day, that's the way I see it!

Anyway, here are some of the motifs I have made so far:

The first two are adapted from here and here, though by a sort of happy accident, the first one didn't keep its shape. The third one was made exactly as presented here.

And here they are all put together:

Don't they just look precious? Can't wait to make some more!

Thanks for reading, folks.

Oh, and I know these are not granny squares per se, but since they are motifs that use similar stitches, I'll be cheeky and link them to Jijihook's Granny Love Challenge! ;)


  1. Congratulations! and wow what a challenge to make your own wedding dress I bet it will look amazing, that motif is beautiful I'm sure it will look lovely on the dress. :)

  2. Congratulations! :-)

    I love crocheted wedding dresses for the simple fact that they add a unique personal touch to your big day. I look forward to seeing how yours progresses!


    Eleanor x

  3. voilà un superbe projet très prometteur. Le début est déjà plein de douceur alors je ne peux que t'encourager :) j'ai vraiment hâte de suivre tes avancées au fil des semaines ! félicitations !!!

  4. Congratulations on the engagement and marriage soon to come. I love the idea of a crocheted wedding dress, I also love a crocheted bouquet. There are many beautiful wedding dresses that are timeless crochet. Its going to be amazing and i love the appliques. Thanks for sharing!

  5. J'aime beaucoup ces motifs freeform. Bon crochet,