02 December 2015

More Bridal Motifs

Hello! It's been quite the week, I'm telling you, and although no alcohol was involved at any point, I kind of feel a little hungover. Not in a bad way! Just big things happening. I will of course keep you posted :)

But in the meantime, let's see what motifs I've been crocheting this week. I am still trying various patterns found online, without being sure of which colours I want to use, and here's the result for today:

I found the patterns for these motifs here and here. The latter is part of an amazing collection of video tutorials that I strongly recommend if you want to expand your crochet knowledge.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget Jijihook's challenge!

1 comment:

  1. ils sont magnifiques, un beau travail j' aime beaucoup bravo