16 March 2016

Decorative Flowers

Hello! My goodness, has it been that long since my last post? Three months! Well, the good news is I haven't been idle, I have been prepping the wedding, which is now in less than 2 months, and crocheting my dress, which I am pleased to say is finished, at least for the crochet part. I will of course show it on the blog, but in due time... ;-)

In other wedding-related news, I have been crocheting tiny flowers to scatter on the tables on the big day. I should really get a move with those ones, as I will need a couple of hundreds, methinks...

Anyway, here's a peek:

The pattern is by Color n' Cream and can be found here. They're huge fun to make and brilliant to use up those scraps of yarn. They're very versatile, not to mention extremely cute. You could make hairclips, brooches, necklaces, bracelets or even decorate cards with them. Definitely give them a go, you'll love them!

Thank you for reading, everyone, and see you very soon!

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