06 April 2016

A Sweet Little Project

Hello! I am currently taking a break from crocheting decorative flowers for my wedding, as I seem to have developped a bit of an allergy to them. I know, with only one month to go to the big day, this is quite unfortunate, but hey ho, it's not the end of the world... At least the dress is ready :D

Anyway, today's about a new little secret project I have had in mind for a while and which feels very special to me.

As you can see, I have crocheted squares with various techniques and yarns, trying to depart as much as possible from my usual preferred colour palette.

These two are tapestry crochet:

This one uses the so-called "linen stitch":

This one below is a (wonky) granny square using only dcs (US scs):

This one, which I can no longer find the name of at the moment, is made by crocheting rows of 1 dc, 1 treble (1 US sc, 1 US dc):

And finally, this one is made of rows of dcs (US sc) crocheted alternatively in the back and front loops of the previous row, with a variegated yarn:

All very good fun to make and quite a nice challenge for some of them! Can you guess what I plan to make with them?

Don't forget to have a look at what the other challengers have made over at Jijihook's :)

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!


  1. Ooh! Pretty! Is it a bag?

    That stitch you can't remember the name of I know as moss stitch - it's one of my favourite stitches.


    Eleanor x

    1. Moss stitch, that's the one! Such a pretty stitch indeed. Thank you, Eleanor :)

  2. très beaux ces grannys colorés et formes sympa bravo biz

  3. They're very pretty ! I love the variety of colours you used ! Well done !

  4. Can it be a babyblanket? Babytoys ( cubes )? A cheerful scarf?
    I don't know, but I'm anxious to see the result!
    Nice work!
    ps: Wishing you already a very happy weddingday, and ofcourse all the luck for you and your husband!

    1. Thanks Sigrid! And you are absolutely right, it is for a baby, though I won't say any more for now... :)

  5. Des couleurs qui pétillent dans tes granny, c'est très lumineux !

  6. dynamique et coloré, j'adore !