31 August 2016

A granny square update... and an announcement

Hello, dear readers!

Where has the year gone, I have no idea! Well, the reason I have been away for so long is actually twofold.

First, I got married in May, for which I was making crochet flowers earlier this year. The wedding was fabulous, and I hope to soon be able to share pictures of its amazing DIY vibe.

As for the second reason... well, you may remember my last granny square challenge post about a mysterious project. The squares have now turned into this:


A crocheted building block! :) And said crocheted building block now belongs to...

Little L, a sweet little boy who arrived into the Little Crochet household last month! So as you can probably guess I have been very busy of late taking care of my new little bundle of joy, and have had little time for anything else. This has meant quite a few stalled WIPs (especially as Little L arrived slightly early) and no blogging, of course.

But I am slowly finding my feet again and I hope to be able to get back to crocheting and blogging more often, so watch this space! :)

Head over to Dane et le crochet for more granny squareness :)


  1. Congratulations with your little boy!!
    I like those blocks!
    And I'm looking forward to the pictures of your marriage.
    Don't hurry, enjoy your family now!
    Take care,