26 March 2020

Baby Blanket

Hello everyone! How are you all in the current madness that is sweeping the world? I thought I'd take this opportunity to update my blog. So here I am, back for a bit of posting after another long absence. Mind you, I have excuses. I moved house not long after my last post but most importantly... I had another baby (who's recently turned one, haha!).

And can you spot that bit of crochet under those ickle tootsies? Yes! It’s a blanket! A blanket I made especially for said baby and that I managed to finish... er, almost in time for his arrival.

Go on, have a peek.

It’s a pixelated style solid granny square blanket, which had been on my list for a very long time. So what better excuse than a new baby to give it a go? But for the first time ever I used the join-as-you-go technique for solid granny squares, following this excellent tutorial. I have to say this technique really helped me carry on with the task, as I found it quite rewarding to see the blanket grow with every square. I’ve lost count of the many granny square projects I once started and never completed because I felt overwhelmed with the sheer amount of pieces. It also gives the joining a neat finish which I quite like.

The edging is made of rows of half trebles (US half double crochets) worked in the back loop with the very last row in clusters of 3 half trebles interspersed with slip stitches to create a subtle shell look. All very simple yet very effective.

It's become a favourite item in the household and has got loads of lovely comments from many people.

I hope everyone is ok and keeping safe in these strange and troubled times. Take good care of yourselves, my lovelies!


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