Standing tr2tog

Hello, and welcome to the standing tr2tog (US dc2tog) tutorial! This tutorial is in direct correlation with the sunburst granny square tutorial that can also be found on this blog. I used this stitch to start the second row of the sunburst granny squares that made my Blanket.

I love standing stitches, they're a great way to switch almost seamlessly to a new colour on a new row, avoiding those tell-tale beginning replacement chains.

Let's start!

1. First, make a slipknot, just like for any foundation chain

2. Wrap the yarn over the hook and insert your hook wherever you want to start your new round

3. Yarn over hook

4. Pull up a loop through the stitch

5. Yarn over hook

6. Pull yarn through one loop

7. Yarn over hook

8. Pull yarn through two loops

9. Yarn over hook

10. Insert hook into same stitch from previous round

11. Yarn over hook

12. Pull yarn through one loop

13. Yarn over hook

14. Pull yarn through two loops

15. Yarn over hook

16. Pull yarn through remaining three hooks.

And you're done. I hope this tutorial is helpful for you and let me know if anything is unclear or incorrect.

Thanks for reading!

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