13 February 2014

Nothing in particular

There's both a lot and not much happening at the moment. I've got a lot of WIPs and none of them are at a stage worth a whole post, so here's a little nothing-to-it update on how things are doing here in Little Crochet world. 

I've been working on the Blanket (complete with cat hair)...

I've been working on a tutorial for the sunburst granny square used in the Blanket...

Killing two birds with one stone (it's just a figure of speech, I wouldn't, really!) I've been taking part in a granny square challenge on Jijihook's website. You should join, too, it's good fun!

I've been trying to design a crochet basket to hold all the yarn for the Blanket, as it's beginning to dangerously invade the living room. Boy, have I sweated over the blasted thing. It started off with a red base...

...but that used up too much yarn, so I tried a different base with two different types of yarn... 

...but those were too thin, so I tried again with the same yarn as for the red base, but with a mix of white and red to save up on yarn:

I apologise for the terrible lighting here, night had fallen! Anyway, the basket is now nearly done, although I think I might still run out of yarn, aaaargh! I'll post some decent pics as soon as daylight returns, which might not be till spring, to be honest. :D

Anyway, I've also enjoyed using my camera again, as you've seen in the pictures above. I do love my iPhone camera, but there's no comparison with a proper one. The details are so much crispier, you can almost touch it. So today, whenever I took breaks from work and from crochet, I played around a little bit:

The Cat is always a favourite subject of mine, as my long-suffering Facebook friends know too well. I absolutely love the definition and the detailing of this shot. 

I also enjoyed a rare glimpse of sunshine and blue sky today, as I was vaguely yoga-ing in between work sessions:

That's a sight for sore eyes, in those dull winter months!

And I liked how the sun played on one of my indoors plants, so quickly snapped it before heading back to my desk and computer:

All in all, a feast of colours, but there's nothing new here. I love colours and I find just looking at them can restore some of my energy, so I make sure I get an abundant supply!

Will be back soon with more crochet-worthy updates! xxx

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