19 March 2014

Granny Square Update!

It's Wednesday! It can only mean one thing... Another edition of Granny Love Challenge at Jijihook's!

This week, 13 more squares have joined the ever-increasing stacked piles for the Blanket. Well, at least I thought I had made 13 at first, only to realise there were only 12 when I lay them out for the pictures. I looked everywhere for the last one, thinking I was going slightly crazy. Turned out No.13 did actually exist. It was just hiding underneath my laptop, all flattened and toastified. Yes, the life of a crocheter is full of adventures.

But enough flaffing around, let's have a look at the newcomers.

And here's the lot, plus the other 47. Oh, and my feet (another blatant Attic24 hommage). :)

So there you have it. 60 squares down, 122 to go. Already a third of the way through! I am pleasantly surprised by how quick those little squares are building up, and especially how much I love making them. It's an absolute joy to play around with the colour and to create new combinations. Looking forward to making some more! See you next week for an update on those :) xoxo

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