06 June 2014

Elderflower Fields

Sooo, last Bank Holiday weekend, we went to a music festival: Elderflower Fields, in Sussex.

As you can see in the picture above, my nail polish had already badly suffered from pitching the tent.

We did not get any rain there, which was lucky. However, there had been torrential downpours just before we got there, and consequently, the whole place was a mudfest. Literally. :D

Anyway, apart from this, it was a truly amazing place to be. It's a family festival, which means a good bit of it is focused on children, although the music is definitely aimed at their parents, with cheerful decors and fun activities all around.

There was pretty bunting...

Signposts inspired by vibrant bug wings...

Absurdly sweet tree decorations...

Oversized wildlife in bold colours, making it look like you had just tumbled down the rabbit hole...

At night, the whole place was decked with colourful lights, making it look strangely dreamlike and beautiful.

There was a secondary stage, tucked away in the middle of the woodlands. It glowed softly in the dark amidst colourfully lit-up trees.

The Sunday was a beautiful, warm day, a day that lent itself to homemade ice-creams. Mine was vanilla, and had a solitary pink sprinkle among all the chocolate ones. That touch of colour brought a smile to my face.

And what's not to like about an ice-cream that came from the most adorable camper van ever built?

Actually, the whole camping areas were full of cute, retro camper vans. I even walked past one that had crochet mandalas in the windows (which, sadly, I could not take a picture of). But take a look at these lovely guys...

We went on a long walk around the woodlands and the hills, and met a couple of locals...

But best of all for me? That was the weekend I decided to crochet again. My wrist was feeling slightly better - even though it got painful again after that - and as we were packing, I took along a few colourful balls of cotton yarn, out of which I made... my mandala! Here it is, in its early stages, nested on my trusty summer bag

And here, a few rows later, catching the evening light. :)

A memorable weekend, and I don't even like camping! ;)

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  1. de superbes photos je me doute que ce doit être mémorable de week-end comme ça !! et le crochet qui est tout aussi sympa merci du partage biz