12 June 2014

The Yarn Winder

I got a new toy... A yarn winder!!!

See, my stash is slowly but surely taking over our humble abode. And as I read somewhere that yarn wound in "yarn cakes" take up less space, I decided to go ahead and order one. I got a cheapish one - so cheap, actually, that it arrived slightly cracked and with the yarn guide barely holding up - just in case it ended up not getting used that much.

My first attempts were a bit hesitant, but I soon got the hang of it and in no time was winding away a good chunk of my stash. I simlpy love it. The result is so neat, and yummy-looking, too! Plus, I find winding the yarn quite therapeutic, not to mention the joy of watching variegated yarn go from one colour to the other as if by magic. Yes, it is a lovely activity indeed. Have a closer look :)

My Rico Cotton Essentials - well, some of them, anyway - were the first to go...

Then, the remainder of my gorgeous Noro, which turned out like a lovely little nest of peeking, vibrant colours :)

And so on...

Oh, and all my Stylecraft Special DK that I'm using for the Blanket, which has made my project Basket considerably neater and much more pleasant to look at. 

Loving it all, and that's a good thing, as there's still a good hundred balls to go!

Thanks for reading! xx

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