30 July 2014

The Usual Granny Shenanigans

And here we go for another round of Wednesday granny squares. We have eight new pieces this week, seven sunburst circles and one full square, so a total of 160 pieces so far. 22 to go! The end is definitely in sight.


Sweet little bundles of colours :) They never fail to put a smile on my face.

Thanks for reading, peeps, and as usual don't forget to go have a gander at what the others have hooked up this week for Jijihook's Challenge.


  1. Really very beautiful colors ! Can't wait to see your finished project !

  2. beaucoup de couleurs la aussi c' est tonic, la couleur fais chaud au coeur!! bravo pour cette belle ancée bonne semaine a bientôt

  3. tu tiens le bon bout, allez courage pour la fin, c'est toujours aussi magnifique