09 July 2014

Wednesday Grannies

Hello from the South of France! I was in Paris last week visiting a dear friend and her family, which is why I didn't get to give you the usual granny update. Today, though, I have access to a computer and have a much less hectic schedule, so getting back into the challenge seems like a natural thing to do.
You may remember from the last granny post that I'd made as many sunburst circles as possible before leaving the UK in order to finish off the squares on holiday. Well, I am pleased to say I have been on schedule so far. Out of 19 circles, I squared off 17. That's a total of 138 full squares... with all ends woven in! Tee hee!

Anyway, have a closer look:

That's all for now challenge-wise, but I also have a little treat for you this week, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. My late grandmother Marguerite was a keen crocheter - she actually taught me the craft when I was 8 - and she once made a granny square throw which I grew up seeing whenever I was on holiday at my grandparents' house. Recently, my mother got it back from her sister, and I finally got to see it for the first time since becoming crochet crazy.
Ready for a peek?


Isn't it simply gorgeous? I love the fact that this is an original, vintage granny square blanket, made in the late 60s or early 70s, back when granny squares first became all the rage. I love the fact that, nearly half a century later, I am now able to have a proper look at it, with my crocheter's eyes, and to appreciate the amount of work that went into this piece, whilst having fond childhood memories associated with it.
Do you have a crochet heirloom yourself?
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  1. Très grannys sont magnifiques, on dirait qu'ils font de la lumière tellement tu as bien assorti les couleurs !!!
    Et alors la couverture de ta grand-mère... Sublime ! Juste sublime !! (euh... dois-je laisser les commentaires en anglais ?)
    Your grannys are very beautiful, it seems like they are bright, luminous, what a nice choice of colors!
    And your grandmother's plaid... Wonderful ! Just wonderful ! Gorgeous ! (well. .. do I leave comments in English? it's not easy for me... I hope to be understandable)

    1. Merci beaucoup ! Ça me fait très plaisir. Tu peux commenter en anglais ou français selon ce qui t'arrange. Je suis française expatriée en Angleterre, alors les deux me vont très bien :) Bises

  2. Oops. The dear friend should have thought about letting you have a go at her computer last Wednesday :P

  3. what a beautifull blanket!! congrate :)

  4. Très jolis tes granny, et la couverture de ta grand-mère est juste sublime!