11 February 2015

Wednesday Grannies - More Skirt

Hi everyone! It's time for another granny installment, and this week, I'm giving you an update on the skirt, which has been a little neglected the past few weeks. Since the last update, I have added six rows - 3 in black and 4 in colours. I have also purchased some clear elastic to sew inside the waistband, since it is now getting stretched by the weight of the skirt body. I still have no idea at which point the garment will be completed, I'm afraid. I think at least another 3 rows, if not 7. We shall see...

But in the meantime, let's have a look at the piece in its current state :

The skirt has grown so much now that it is getting very difficult to photograph, so at this point, I can only get away with partials unless I want to include some unsightly background clutter!

And that's it for this week, guys! Don't forget to visit Jijihook's website for more granny square love. See you next week! :)