25 February 2015

Granny Wednesdays - Stalling

Hello everyone! OK, so I have a confession to make: I haven't made any progress on my current granny-related WIPs, mainly due to work being cuh-razy and us going on holiday tomorrow first thing in the morning. So I'm afraid I'll have to stall this week, by showing you a much older WIP, which has been untouched for nearly 2 years.

It's a giant mandala adapted from this doily pattern, with the vague idea of possibly maybe one day who know sewing it onto a tank top. We shall see.

Anyway, here goes:

And that's it from me this week, peeps. I'm off to finish packing and hope to bring back lots of Finnish yarn!

And as always, more granny work this way at Jijihook's.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. It's beautiful - I love the bright colors. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern link.

  2. It's lovely, very pretty, thank you for the link. :)

  3. j'adore !!!! ta version colorée est vraiment magnifique, on ne reconnaît même plus le modèle original. Superbe travail <3

  4. Your doily looks gorgeous!! Love the colours. Have a nice day.