22 April 2015

Trying Hexies

Hello! A quick post before I'm off on holiday. Lately I have felt an urge to work with pastel colours reminiscent of spring and have decided to try a new shape. Believe it or not, I had never made hexagons before, so this is a first for me!

Here goes!

Absolutely no idea what this will become, but I sure love working on it! :)

Don't forget: more granny squares this way!


  1. I've been making solid hexagons lately myself. I'd never made any hexes before but I really like them!

  2. Ils sont très beaux tes granny et les couleurs sont top !

  3. très beaux j' aime beaucoup belles couleurs douces

  4. Very beautiful! Good job! Keep it up and thank you for share...

  5. les couleurs sont toute belles !!! très beau début <3