01 April 2015

Granny Wednesday - One Finished 'Blanket' Bag

Hello, everyone! Well last week, I promised I would reveal my finished bag, so-called 'Blanket Bag' because I made it out of the square that resulted from my Blanket tutorials. I started crocheting another square for the reverse side, joined them together, added a crocheted strap, and lined the lot with cotton and felt sewn together.

Let's have a look:

Here's the front of the bag...

And the flip side...

A close-up of the strap, literally just rows of UK double crochets, edged with a row of slip stitches and crabstitch... I crocheted the strap directly onto the bag, starting with a row of dcs distributed evenly around each corner and then slip stitched both strips together to form the top of the strap (I hope this makes sense!)

Here's a closer view of the zip, the first one I have ever sewn into, well, anything, really, like ever ever ever. Oh yes, I am mighty proud of this one! :D

A view of the lining... To avoid the wrong side of the fabric showing through the gaps of the granny squares, I constructed the lining with one layer of black felt and one layer of printed cotton fabric (remnants from this other granny square bag), and sandwiched the zip in between the two, before hand-sewing the lining into the bag.

It has a little pocket big enough to hold two thirds of your mobile phone (obviously, that's an accident, it was meant to hold a whole one!), but on the plus side, I tried my hand at pattern matching with a reasonable amount of success (although you'll have to take my word for it, as it's not very obvious in the photo).

And here I am, trying not look awkward as I'm waiting for the timer to get to ten seconds (that time I did remember to press the button).

That's pretty much it for this week, folks. As always, head over to Jijihook's for more granny square love, and come back next week for more!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. toujours aussi sympa ces grannys un e belle besace colorée bravo

  2. One of the nicest granny square bags I've seen, Lovely fabric for the lining :)

  3. One of the nicest granny square bags I've seen, Lovely fabric for the lining :)

  4. Gorgeous! I'm in love with your bag :)

  5. Great bag! I love the colors!

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