19 February 2017

Double Pom Pom Baby Hat

Hello everyone! A quick post today to share with you a baby hat I made a couple of months ago, adapted from this free pattern. I used remnants of a most likely now discontinued shade of Lang Yarns Mille Colori.

Yummy scrummy colours! Anyway, it was intended as a gift, but as I was making it, I tried it on Baby L to make sure it was a suitable baby size. Well, Baby L looked so impossibly cute in it that I very nearly decided not to part with the hat :-D 

I mean, look how cute, even without a baby in sight:

Anyway, I managed to give it up eventually... and went on to make another one straight away for Baby L. I'll dedicate a post to it very soon, and will share the pattern as well.

In the meantime, thank you for reading! :-)

1 comment:

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