09 February 2017

Granny Square Shawl

Hello, my lovelies, long time no see, isn't it?

First, I would like to thank everyone who has sent me lovely comments for my wedding and the birth of my son. They have been very much appreciated!

Second, I have had quite a few requests for a pattern for my granny square skirt. I am working on a pattern at the moment, but it has proved a little more difficult than I expected, so please bear with me, I will eventually post it on here!

Today, though, I'd like to share with you a shawl I managed to finish a few months ago. I am trying to finish most of my WIPs before starting new ones, but I have to say I am often tempted to embark on new yarny ventures!

A while ago, I happened across this gorgeous variegated yarn... Do feast your eyes :-)

It is Superba Poems by Rico, in Candy shade. Isn't it simply scrummy? It wasn't the first time I'd succumbed for the range, by the way. This other shawl was made in the Tropic shade.

For this new shawl, after much pondering, I decided on a simple half granny square (as in triangle). If you're unsure of how to make one, have a gander on Pinterest, there are loads of graphs. Here's one. I used two balls of yarn (I had only used one for the Tropic shade shawl). I found it made for a more generous shawl size, and a warmer piece.

A few dozens of rows in, the fledgling shawl looked as scrummy as the original yarn cake...

And the result? Oh my, am I in love with it! My first idea was to sell this shawl, but once I had completed the final stitch, I knew I could not part with it.

The edging is in a DK cotton yarn, specifically Rico Essentials Cotton in Dark Teal. It's a succession of double treble shells topped and interspersed with picots. It is relatively simple to work and in my mind looks quite effective. I have written a graph for it, which I'll post on the blog as soon as I've cleaned it up a little bit :-)

There you have it, a half granny square shawl in vivid, joyful colours. What more could you ask for on a dull, grey winter day?

Thank you for reading, and see you soon! :)


  1. Absolutely stunning! That yarn is great and makes a beautiful pattern.

  2. So nice! The blue edge fits perfectly with the colours!
    And you're so right: this shawl brings sunshine when it rains :-)

  3. magnifique de jolies couleurs j' aime beaucoup a bientôt biz

  4. Is there a graph somewhere for the edging ?
    Many thanks in advance.