09 April 2014

It's Wednesday!

Oh yes, it is Wednesday, and time for another round of Granny Love Challenge at Jijihook's. And since,I have missed last week's opportunity, I have double the amount to share with you today!

So, first of all, here's what I made last week:

Ten more sunburst granny squares in decidedly spring shades. As always, I had a lot of fun choosing the colours, but I found myself having to be careful not to repeat any past combination. And with dozens of previously made little fellas, it is now proving tricky. I actually had to undo one that turned out to be identical to one of its predecessors, shock horror!

Quick close-up looks? But, of course! And sunny ones, to boot.

I really love how the sun plays with the colours in these photos. It gives the squares a gorgeous shimmer, and is an instant mood-booster.

By then, I had 80 squares. You may remember that in a previous post, I mentioned about getting more colours for my Blanket. Well, this time I did! I took the opportunity of a trip to Hertfordshire to visit "my" former haberdashery. When I say "my", I mean that I used to spend my days in it when I lived in said Hertfordshire, not that I actually owned the haberdashery (I wish!).

So, the aforementioned haberdashery sells mountains of Stylecraft Special DK, and I came back from the place with a) three more balls of Cream, since these are being eaten away by the borders like there's no tomorrow, and b) three new shades for my Blanket: Lipstick, Sherbet, and Pomegranate.

Look at these fluffy balls of eye-candiness! Oh yes, I do love them. Here's a look at all the lovely shades I am using for my Blanket now, snuggly nestled in my faithful Basket:

Very, very happy with those. I did end up ditching the Citron shade, though, as I did not particularly like how it combined with the other colours. I used it for maybe half a dozen squares or less, and I am not sure whether to keep those in the final "cut" or not. I suppose I'll decide when I have the full number of squares. Wait and see, wait and see.

So, armed with my three new shades, I proceeded to crochet another ten sunburst circles. I was not a little excited by the new possibilities offered by the latest woolly necomers to my stash! And soon, this is what I had:

Aaah, look at these lovelies! The more I work on this project, the more I adore those sunburst circles as they flow off my hook. They are just so cute, so cheerful. I am pretty sure that once the Blanket will be done, I might use whatever remains of my Stylecraft Special DK stash for a sunburst circle side project...

So, before turning them into squares, I quickly immortalise their sweet circular shape, like so:

No, I never get tired of them. They quite simply make me very happy indeed. :) But of course, this is just a temporary stage, before they get radically transformed by a two-row border of Cream shade, resulting in this:

Ta-dah! This is this week's lot, complete with three new shades. Can you spot them?

And on to the now traditional close-ups...

And that's it for this week. Which brings my total to 90 squares. Aaaaaaand............. do you know what this means? I AM HALF WAY THROUGH!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly cannot believe how I came to 90 this quick. It doesn't feel like I've had to crochet 90 squares (although my wrist does... I now have repetitive strain injury!). I can't wait to crochet 90 more (well, 92 more to be exact), and to play more with colours.

But for now, as a celebration (or not), I have decided to start weaving ends in (with a very helpful hand from my mum who's visiting from France), and this is what the process has produced so far...

More eye candy, if you ask me, and enhanced with with cat hair! I still have to come up with what to do with those :)

See you next week for the "official second half of the Blanket"! ;)


  1. Hé bé , tu n'as pas plains les photos ! MDR ! joli coris très gais ! biz. Joëlle

  2. quel travail ! je suis admirative devant tant de jolis granny <3 <3 <3
    Gisèle (jijihook)

  3. very beautiful, I love the colours