06 April 2014


It's now quite late at night and I've just come back from a lovely evening with friends. Food was involved. Cake, especially. I feel very drowsy, but as I haven't posted anything this week - I am currently having a parental visit from France - I feel a little filler post is in order before I bow out for the day.

So, what's new?

Nothing much, really. I am still basking in the beauty of spring...

...misty mornings in the park...

...and other natural phenomena.

Of course, I've been crocheting - but that's not really news, is it?

Lacy granny squares...

A top hat...

...and matching bow tie...

...complete with modeling sessions.

I've still been Ponchoing...

...and Blanketing (nearly at 90 squares now, almost half way through!).

I've actually bought more yarn for the Blanket today but it's too late to take a good pic of those for now. 

Oh, and I've bought my first ever sewing machine, also today, as an early birthday present from my parents. Exciting! I'm going to sew bag linings like there is no tomorrow!

Aaaand, one last little thing... This adorable present from my mum:

Oooo, so much fun ahead! Can't wait!!!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend :)

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  1. une revue bien sympa avec ce beau doudou je dois le réaliser moi aussi il me faut du temps!!