23 April 2014

Weekly Granny Squares

Hello, I am afraid I haven't been up to much crochet-wise this week and nor will I be for a while. I have repetitive strain injury in my right wrist...from none other than crochet (!), and must stay off the craft for some time to let it heal. :'(((

So, the squares I present you this week are none other than the "squared-off" circles you saw last week. Here goes:

There you have it ,10 more for a nice round total of 100. And it must stay at that for now, unfortunately. I really hope my wrist heals soon so that I can carry on with the Blanket and other crochet projects. In the meantime, go have a look at what the others hooksters have done at Jijihook's.

Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. I also have pains in the wrist if I hook for too long! I hope you fee better soon!

  2. Ils sont superbes, j'aime bien les couleurs. Biz

  3. de belles couleurs ils sont vraiment sympa une jolie palette de couleurs bravo a bientôt biz

  4. I'm sorry for your wrist... I am sure you will get better after some rest. Anyway I love your new granny squares :)