13 August 2014

It's 'mercredi' again!

Wednesday... That means it's grannies o'clock! I was hoping to finish all squares for today, but I have been slower than usual, due to a very pesky bag lining that I am currently working on. For this bag:

Yes, I have finished the square bag that I mentioned last week, and I have set out to make a lining rigid enough to hold up the bag. That means interfacing, and pinning, and stitching, and ripping and pinning and stitching again. It is truly the most complex crafty venture I have undertaken so far. Very challenging, sometimes frustrating - there even have been a few tears - but all together very exciting.

Consequently, my poor Blanket has been a tad neglected this week. I have been able to square up the circles I showed you last week...

...and made 11 first rounds of the last ever batch of sunburst circles...

...of which 5 made it to full circle status...

That means 6 to go, after which there will be one last session of squaring up and theeeeen... well, the joining could start in theory, but it will be preceded by some serious recounting, just to make sure I actually have 182 squares. Because frankly, I can't guarantee an exact count when my granny stash looks like this these days:

Hopefully by next week, I'll have the final, completed, batch to show you. In the meantime, have a look at what the others have made this week for Jijihook's Challenge.

Thanks for reading! x

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