20 August 2014

Wednesday Grannies - A Milestone!

Hello, hello! Well, that's it. I have officially reached the 182 figure (that's it, until I've done a recount!). I have 182 fully squared up pieces for my Blanket. I can't quite believe it.

Shall we have a look at the very last batch I hooked up? Here goes...

All there is to do now is to weave in the ends of these babies (roughly 20)...

...then check for any exact colour repeats, which I'd ideally like to avoid, and then start the joining. I have decided to go for a relief join in DCs (US SCs), just to give Blanket some texture. And when I have joined the 14x13 rows, it'll be time to make a border. And no, I haven't even thought of that yet! I'll cross that bridge when I get to it :) Right now, I can't wait to start the joining. I have been looking forward to that moment for the past seven months! Most likely, I will have some pictures of that to show you next week, at least I hope so. Ah, exciting times!

Anyway, in other granny square news, I have tried my hand at classic "baby" granny squares and the join-as-you-go technique for that secret/undefined project I mentioned a while ago. This is all in the testing phase, and more to play with hook and colours than anything, really.

Thanks for reading, and go have a look at Jijihook's to see what the others have hooked this week.



  1. your grannys are so beautifull. I look forward to see more

  2. I like your blog very sunny! beautiful colors also! many thanks Co