27 August 2014

Weekly Granny Fix

Yes, it's that time of the week again. Time for granny squares! Well, you might remember from last week that I had reached the ultimate 182 figure. After a recount, it seemed that I did have the correct number as well. So all I needed to do next was to weave in the remaining ends...

... and start the joining, which meant laying out all squares first to decide which went where. That was a lot trickier than I thought it would be, actually. No squares are the same, but a lot do look similar, and you really don't want to see them side by side in the finished product. So it was very much like completing a puzzle.

And when I was finally happy with the layout...

... I labeled each row for future reference, and at long last, started to join up the squares, with a row of dc (US sc). So far, three vertical rows have been joined:

We'll see how long the rest will take me. Watch this space! And as always, go have a gander at Jijihook's website to see what the others have made this week.

See you soon! :)


  1. On dirait un champs de fleurs

  2. waouuuuuu!!!!!! le seul mot qui me vient à l'esprit en voyant tes superbes granny: "AMAZING!!!!!!!!!" ta 2ème photo est trop belle, je m'en vais la relayer sur Pinterest. Bon courage pour la suite de l'assemblage

  3. Toutes ces couleurs sont superbes! L'assemblage va aller vite, j'ai hâte de voir la couverture terminée!

  4. J'adore ,j'adore !!! bravo c'est magnifique!

  5. pined on pinterest ;). i'm impatient to see your blanket

  6. J'adore, magnifique grannys. Biz