27 September 2014

Au Revoir Summer

Hello my dears! I have just come back from a nine-day holiday in the South of France. It was lovely, but it truly marked the end of summer, which in a way was what I thought and hoped it would do. A sweet conclusion to a sweet summer.

We didn't do much, preferring to lazy around as the days went by, but we did spend the weekend near Toulouse in the South West of France, about an hour and a half away from where we were based. On the way there, we stopped to admire the beautiful medieval city of Carcassonne from afar...

...before pushing onwards to my aunt's place, where we found gorgeous weather and peaceful surroudings. My aunt has a beautiful house in a lovely village, and being more used to seeing it around Christmas time, it was sheer delight to discover it in all its summertime glory.

On the Saturday, we drove to Toulouse town centre and walked around the streets of the 'Pink City' in sweltering heat, among incredible views.

I had done some research on local haberdasheries, and headed straight to Aux Doigts d'Or, where I purchased some woolly goods:

After that, it was back to my parents' for more lazying around, such as admiring sunsets...

...and of course crocheting! Whilst packing for this holiday, I had no idea what crochet projects to bring along. The Blanket is now utterly non portable, as are many of my current WIPs, so literally five minutes before leaving for the airport, I picked up random yarn from my ever expanding stash, and very happily worked with it once arrived. More on those project very soon!

All in all, it was a great way to say 'au revoir' to summer and 'bonjour' to autumn, even though I could not help but feel sad, as I always do, to see summer go. However, the good news is... I now get to crochet warm, cosy makes! Ah, I (almost) can't wait for winter! ;)

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