29 September 2014

One Little Gift Bag

Hello readers, today I would like to share with you one of my latest quick projects, part of a series which I have really enjoyed making of late. It's a little gift bag on the model of this little bag, which I blogged about a couple posts ago:

This time round, I originally wanted to fill the new creation with handmade cotton scrubbies, as with this one. But I soon realised the bag would be too narrow to accommodate even a couple of pads, so I decided to garnish it with a store-bought piece of handmade cosmetics instead, which had the advantage of making it smell amazing!

So here are a couple of pics of the bag without anything in it:

As you can see, I retained the ruffled top but went for a slightly wider base than on the pink bag above, and chose a string made of chains, which I decorated with beads at the ends. Readers of Simply Crochet magazine will probably recognise the stones gifted for the dream catcher project a few issues back!

And here it is, full of its scented shampoo bar. It is truly a shame that the Internet can't carry smells on this occasion. It was absolutely beautiful :)

And here is a close up of the beads and stones trimmings.

In the above picture, you can really see the stitch definition of the yarn, Rico Creative Cotton Print (Aran) in the Pink Mix shade. I love the look of it. It reminds me of those candy necklaces that were so popular in the 80s!

Anyway, I could not stop there, partly because there was another birthday to cater for, but mostly because I absolutely and utterly LOVE making those little darlings. But it's getting late now, so I will leave you with a little preview of the next bag I made...

And of course, I'll see you Wednesday for the usual granny square update!

Thanks for reading, folks! :)

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