03 September 2014

Wednesday Grannies

Hello! It's that time of the week again! I am happy to report good progress on the Blanket. Last week, I finished joining the last few vertical rows...

And so, the horizontal joining has now started. So far, I have completed four rows. You can see the fully joined rows to the left in the pic below.

The joining is an absolute joy to work. Even though there are still a few joining rows to complete, the Blanket is pretty much in its final shape now, and so I have to literally wrap myself in it whilst doing the joining. It is a lovely feeling, and the riot of colours never fails to lift my spirits if need be. Something else I have found surprisingly pleasant is the weight of the Blanket. It is so heavy! It really feels like one of those old-school blankets there used to be at my grandparents' country house when I was growing up. Very lovely indeed. I can't wait to wrap the finished product around me this winter!

Go on, have a few more angles :)

I hope to report on a fledgling edging next week :) In the meantime, go have a look at what the others have hooked up at Jijihook's.