06 October 2014

Another little gift bag

Last week, I blogged about a little gift bag I made for a friend's birthday. Well, it so happens that another friend had a birthday on the same day, and so I made another little gift bag, in which I put another little handmade -not my be, though - cosmetic bar.

This time, I used a much more brightly coloured yarn, threaded the bag with a black string decorated with beads, and the result was stunning -well, in my humble opinion, that is! What do you think?

For this bag, I ended the ruffling top with a simple row of dc (US sc), without any increasing. I think it gives it a neater finish.

Here's the bag filled with the little goodie. It was actually a heart-shaped body lotion bar. Can you make out the shape?

For the string trimmings, I used two clear, iridescent beads and four greenish wooden beads which actually came from one of my broken necklaces. Talk about upcycling!

Here's another angle of the ruffling, where green is more apparent. I really love how the ruffling turned out with all those vibrant colours. 

And yet another angle, with the top open this time, and the string loosened. You can see the alternated htr (US hdc) I worked around the top to thread the string into. It's such a simple and nifty little trick. 

That's it for this one. But never fear, for I did not stop there. Oh no, I didn't! I'll give you a little preview of the next one...

See you soon! xx

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