26 October 2014

Autumn Vibes

I don't know how it is in your part of the world, but here in England, Autumn is definitely here. As much as it pains me every year to say goodbye to Summer, I can't help enjoying the beautiful warm hues this chilly season has to offer. It's almost as if Nature is trying to compensate for the lack of sun by sporting vibrant, sunny colours everywhere. Plus, the increasing chilliness of the air is a perfect excuse to snuggle up indoors in a cosy environment with a cuppa and a bit of crochet. I love it.

Last weekend, I was in Hertfordshire for a short visit, and Autumn was already in full swing everywhere, from this favourite special tree of mine, planted in memory of a loved one...

...to this lovely old building, a local music school, decked with the most beautiful ivy.

But Autumn has also graced my door step in South West London...

...and of course, the nearby Richmond Park, which I never tire of visiting:

This morning, we saw a few parakeet feathers. Richmond Park is home to scores of those birds - probably escaped or released from captivity -, and their bright green plumage makes them much easier to spot in Autumn than Summer. I am quite fascinated with them, as they are such an exotic sight in our latitudes, yet looking very much at home in their adopted environment.

And of course, another highly noticeable resident of Richmond Park is the magnificent deer, which can sometimes turn up on you unexpectedly and make you feel very small and vulnerable indeed, as well as in awe with such a beautiful force of Nature.

The Autumn feeling has also crept in at home, both visually...

...and in the kitchen, as we crave warmer, more comforting food. This weekend, I tried my hand at puff pastry and (mini) croissants for the first time. The result wasn't bad at all, considering I forgot to put in the yeast and the sugar! They still rose satisfactorily and were perfectly edible and dare I say moreish. The whole batch is now gone. Definitely one to make again.

Is it the colder air? The shorter days? It seems that the Cat has overcome his loathing of crochet makes, as I found him snuggled up on the Blanket, looking as if he owned the thing. I try not to wince every time his claws get stuck in the stitches. Oh dear.

And finally the season calls for warmer, chunkier crochet makes, which reflects in the yarn I have been buying lately. Oh yes, I am still buying yarn, even though I am supposed to rest my injured wrist. But I can't help it, yarn has a way of screaming at me from shelves, and I'm sure you can understand if you're into crafts yourself!

That's it for today, peeps. I hope you enjoyed this post and wish you a happy Autumn if that applies to your latitude.

Thanks for reading and see you soon! :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Little Crochet! Autumn has always been my favourite season. Can't wait to try those mini croissants ;)