01 October 2014

Back for Wednesday Grannies!

Hello hello hello, everyone!

Guess what? Just. Guess. What.

The Blanket is FINISHED!!! Woohoo! I am super excited that I managed to carry out this project till the very end, and without even getting bored of it! Eight months of steady work - well, seven, if you count the four weeks I had to rest my injured wrist. I am not a little chuffed, I can tell you as much.

However... Well, I'm afraid all the ends are not quite woven in, so I don't have full pics of it yet, so I hope you will forgive me for offering mere teasers today. As soon as the ends are fully woven in, and that the weather is kind enough to allow decent lighting, I will write a reveal post, I promise!

So, here goes...

First, a view of those cheeky ends. There aren't that many, really. One at the end of each row of squares and then two for each row of the border. Should  have been a breeze. But I got lazy... ^_^

The border was actually very quick to make and even to choose. I knew I wanted some purple ombre effect (my bedroom's colour scheme, and also similar to the border of my rug), but I wasn't sure how many rows to have and whether to intersperse them with thin rows of white. I simply tried a few things and went with four "granny" rows, and one darker edge made of one row of double crochets (US single) and one row of crabstitch.

I love crabstitch. It makes perfect edges without being too dramatic, which is exactly what I wanted for the Blanket.

I'll tell you what, though. It took me a while to get used to the purple edging. I'd been so used to seeing the white squares on their own for months that my first reaction was: "I don't like this, I'm going to have to find something else." It's incredible how much a simple six-row border can change the final look of a project. But I got used to it. And by now, I love it!

Go on, here are some more teaser pics...

Thanks for reading, guys! And have a look at Jijihook's website as usual!


  1. oh, what a lovely blanket! i like it so much! congrate!

  2. waou !!!!! elle est trop belle, et j'adore cette bordure que tu as choisie. congrats !!!!! :)

  3. magnifique une finition impeccable bravo c' est très sympa!! a bientôt biz