17 December 2014

Wednesday Grannies - A Christmas Gift, part 2

Hello everyone! This Wednesday, I am presenting you with the finished Christmas gift I blogged about last week (and hoping that its recipient doesn't see this blog post until next week...). This was a fun little project for me, worked in Stylecraft Special DK, relatively quick and pain-free (except maybe the end-weaving).

So, one of the speculations I got from your lovely comments last week was that I might be making a Christmas sock with my mini granny squares. Well, this wasn't far from the truth at all, as I ended up making a gift bag (oh yes, another one!). The original idea was to fill it with reusable handmade cotton pads as I have done before (see here and here), but ended up getting some scrumptious glittery bath melt from Lush instead. This was no mean feat, by the way, as I took the little bag to the shop to check dimensions, but completely forgot the lining was still pinned into it, so I copiously pricked myself.

Anyway, let's have a look at said little gift bag:

So, the bag is made of 15 mini granny squares (2 rounds), assembled together first into a rectangle with rows of contrasting UK dcs, after which the rectangle was folded over itself into a pentagon-style cylinder (if such a thing even exists in the mysterious world of geometry).

I then crocheted a 4-round circle of UK hts, which I attached to the cylinder to make a bottom.

Then I proceeded to make a cylinder out of a satin-like black fabric, which I hand-sewed into the bag as a lining.

And finally, I crocheted a chain of roughly 80 chain stitches, and attached a few beads to the ends to make a string, which I threaded through the natural openings of the squares at the bottom of the top granny square row.

And that's one little granny square gift bag ready to be gifted for Christmas! So what do you think? Have you ever made a bag out of granny squares?

Thanks for reading, peeps, and head over to Jijihook's for more granny square love, as always. :)



  1. Very pretty !!! I love it !

  2. très belle idée j' adore la couleur de tes grannys bravo tu as de belles idées a très vite

  3. je l'adore ce sac, et la finition lui donne encore plus de gaieté et d'originalité <3

  4. Merci à toutes pour vos commentaires ! :)