30 December 2014

Christmas Gifts - A Ruffled Scarf

Hello, hello!

Continuing the Christmas gifts series, here is a ruffled scarf I made for a friend, following this super easy pattern, by Rachel from Crochet Spot. I have just realised that the pattern is actually in US terms, and so the "trebles" I made ended up being US dcs, which is probably why I had to add a row in the end. But hey, I still really like it! :D

Now, because the pattern requires you to double the amount of stitches with every row, bear in mind that this project is quite yarn-hungry, so make sure you have enough to start with. I think I used roughly three 100g balls of DK acrylic for the main colour, and maybe 20-25g for the contrasting colour.

Isn't the ruffling effect beautiful? And that contrasting row at the end, I simply love it.

Look at that! So snuggly!

This scarf was actually part of a series of three I completed last year, with two of them being given away as gifts last Christmas, the first in the same acrylic yarn, but with the colours reversed:

...and the second one, in the super luxurious Rowan Cocoon, now a firm favourite of mine (but not of my wallet's). I used for a hat this year, as well as for wristwarmers.

They're quite addictive to make, so be warned! ;-)

Thanks for reading and see you soon for more Christmas gifts reveals!


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