04 March 2015

Wednesday Grannies - One Finished Skirt

Hello everyone! I am back from holiday just in time for another installment of granny square challenge. And this week, the big news is... my granny square skirt is finished! Well, let me rephrase this. The crochet part of the granny square is finished. This means you don't get to see it worn, I'm afraid, but you get to see this:

I've added a total of three rows since last time, including the final row of crabstitch. I do love a bit of crabstitch for a neat finish on stuff :)

Now all that is left to do, is weave the ends in (bored face)...

...and sew some elastic into the waistband (slightly worried face) and possibly hide those under black satin lining (positively scared face).

I do hope I'll be able to reveal the finished product to you guys before spring arrives (it is supposed to be a winter skirt after all), but don't hold your breath ;)

Thanks for reading, and as always go have a gander for more granny square love at Jijihook's


  1. I need to see your skirt on! I am sure you 'e very pretty with.

    1. Thank you Christelle! I will do my best to finish it soon :)

  2. i need to see it too! maybe next week? ;)

  3. j'ai hâte de la voir terminée cette jupe, elle va être trop belle :)