25 March 2015

Granny Wednesday - 'Jewelled Mandala'

Hello! How is everyone? Spring is only shyly showing itself here in London, but there is definitely something in the air. How lovely!

OK, so for this week's challenge, I have something entirely new to show you, a mandala I have been working on with a view to making a bag (yes, another bag, I'll come back in a minute to the granny square bag I was recently working on). This mandala is purposefully 'over the top', hence the name 'Jewelled' in the title. It is not yet complete, as I need to square it off to turn it into a bag (mind you, I could make a round bag as well... we'll see).

Here it is!

At the moment, I am envisioning a reverse side of the bag in plain stripes using the same colours I used here. I would love to find the perfect lining fabric for it but I need to go through my existing stash of fabrics, so it most likely will have to be remnants. Sigh.

Anyway, you may remember from a previous post that I wanted to make a bag out of the square that I made for my Blanket tutorial. Well, last time I took pics, here's where I was at:

As you can see, the back of the bag was done. It so happens that the bag is currently almost completely finished, just awaiting to have its lining sewn in, so in no state to be photographed at the moment, but hopefully the whole thing will be ready for a reveal next week. Watch this space!

More Granny love this way, as always :)


  1. très très beau ce mandala, j' adore tes couleurs!!! et tes grannys tout aussi beau haut en couleurs bravo a bientôt

  2. What pretty crochet work it's so beautiful!

  3. I love mandalas and your chosen colors too!

  4. ce mandala est sublime !!! et j'ai hâte de voir ton sac terminé :)

  5. Your mandala is quite something !! I really like it ! It's like a rainbow exploded and formed a mandala :D, it's a really nice work you did there, congrats !

    1. Wow, thank you so much for this lovely comment! :)

  6. Saw this on the Yarn Fanatic link party. It's very creative and eye catching. Diane @ Mrs U Makes.

  7. Beautiful projects, I love the colour combinations you've put together and the mandala is gorgeous. So intricate looking

  8. Lovely crochet. I popped over from The link party :)