18 June 2015

A Business Card Case

Hello everyone! Here's a little project I whipped up in one evening: a crochet business card case. Not the most practical, I admit, when you have to get the cards out, and also probably not suited to all lines of businesses, but let's say I was badly in need of a case and therefore decided to make one! Unfortunately, the business cards the case was intended for are not crochet-related - that would have been the perfect accessory - but the ones for my "serious" activity, which happens to be translation. I am pleased to say, however, that so far the case doesn't seem to have been too frowned upon...

Anyway, here goes:

The case was worked in rounds after two initial rows of UK dcs, made to measure. I used an oddment of a variegated DK yarn, Rico Design Creative Micro Print. For once, I didn't carry on amigurumi-style, as I find this always creates some asymmetry when it comes to the edge. So instead, I joined to the first stitch at the end of every round, using the invisible seam method, which gave me a nice, straight look and top edge. Oh, and all stitches are worked in the back loop only for the lined texture.

When I got level with the top of the cards, I switched back to rows and worked two rows of UK dcs and one row of slip stitches, with two loops made out of chain stitches as buttonholes. The buttons are leftovers from decorated White Stuff labels (that's a clothes chain here in the UK). I knew I'd be able to use those one day! They're such cute little things. I have a friend who uses them to make necklaces. Very pretty indeed.

And you can now behold the aforementioned business in their snug crochet habitat...

...and next to it ;)

A cute and easy project that could easily be adapted to make a mobile phone case or anything else rectangular, for that matter! Pattern coming soon :)

Thanks for reading, folks!

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