17 June 2015

A Green Granny Square Bag

Hello! I nearly forgot today was Granny Square day. How could I? As always, there's loads to see at Jijihook's for the occasion. And today, I'd like to share with you a rather spontaneous WIP that's suddenly come back in the spotlight after two years in limbo. You may (or may not, that's perfectly fine, don't worry!) remember this Christmas post six months ago. Well, it showed a few granny squares I'd made in my early crochet days before losing interest and moving on to something else. They were made using this variegated yarn (Rico Design Creative Micro Print)...

...the idea being to use the whole ball for granny squares. No wonder why I got bored!

This weekend, for some reason, I decided to take them off the wall (there were now 12 of them), and I made just one more granny square (not an easy feat, because obviously, I'd completely forgotten what hook size I'd used for the other ones...). And here they are, all 13 of them:

The interesting thing when you go back to a long standing WIP is that you can definitely notice how your style has evolved over time. In my case, two years ago, my tension was still quite erratic and the tail ends I left where irritatingly short!

So once the (too short) ends had been woven in, I laid out my squares following these instructions and after some pondering decided to join them with a variegated contrasting yarn, shown below (a remnant of Sirdar Smiley Stripes, which I used also for this project).

All that was left to do was to crochet them together. I found out that was easier said than done. I have very poor spatial representation and couldn't quite get to grips with how to join continuously past the fold lines. So I made do: 

And the last photo I took, the bag looked like this, the bottom ready to be folded over. 

I have made progress since then, so will be back very soon with an update.

Until then, take care and thanks for reading! :)


  1. encore des couleurs à tomber ! ça va être trop beau <3

  2. Cc ... Super joli !!!!
    Bonne continuation, bises