30 June 2015

Mandalas for Wink

Hi guys, I am still shocked by the tragic news of Wink's passing. Hers was the first crochet blog I discovered and the inspiration she has been to me is invaluable. Depression is truly an awful, awful illness that robs you of your inner light and joy. I hope she has now found the peace she was desperately looking for and my heart goes to the loved ones she's left behind. The best way to remember her is probably to go through her blog and revel in all the colourful posts she wrote there. You can also leave a message on the online memorial her family have set up for her.

I'll share with you the mandalas I made from her beautiful patterns. I will now treasure them even more. Rest in peace, Wink, you will be missed.


  1. Like you, Winks blog was my first experience with crochet blogs. I loved her fat bottom granny bags. I made the Spoke Mandala yesterday in her honor. All thats left is the mailing. Lovely crochet, lovely post. Thanks for sharing.
    A Day In My Life, Crochet & Reviews

  2. Your mandala shares are beautiful. Huge hugs. <3

  3. merci pour ce très bel article, il est clair que tous les ouvrages que nous avons faits grâce à Wink auront une signification encore plus grande maintenant. Bravo pour ces jolis mandalas <3