29 July 2015

Mandala Bag Update

Hello! It's Wednesday and time for a dose of granny squares! Back in May, I posted an update about the Mandala Bag I am currently making. I ended up NOT frogging the whole thing after all, and have finally managed to complete the flip side. This is definitely turning into a long-winded WIP...

Anyway, here goes:

I slip stitched around the side edges in the same colour as the top and bottom. All that is left to do now is weave all those ends...

...and attach the panel to the main one...

Relatively straightforward. But as I have a ton of other WIPs, it might take some time :D

Thanks for reading, everyone, and don't forget to go see the others' work at Jijihook's!


  1. Looks very nice! Cheerful colours again!
    I'm looking forward to see how it comes together.
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  2. vraiment superbe ce projet de sac, bon courage pour tous tes encours :)