30 July 2015

One Finished Summer Hat

Hello! So, early last month, I posted about a summer hat I had wanted to make for a while. I posted an update a couple of weeks later, and then stopped blogging about the hat altogether. But the truth is, the hat has been finished for quite a while now, I just wasn't happy with the pictures I'd taken of it, as it looked too floppy in them.

So, after inserting a metal wire all around the outer edge (no mean feat!), I decided - when I actually remembered about it - that it was time for another round of pics. So here we go!

The hat is worked in rounds of UK dcs (US scs), loosely inspired by Anne Egan's pattern, but with quite a lot of adjustments needed, as the yarn I used had overall a smaller tension. The yarn was all cotton DK from various brands such as Rico, Schoeller+Stahl, Wendy and Patons. I used a 4mm hook for the head and a 3.5mm hook for the brim.

The final round was worked in crabstitch, a firm favourite of mine used on the Blanket and a couple of other projects, here and here. I was originally going to go for a picot/shell edging similar to Anne Egan's creation, but after trying it over a few inches, I felt it was too busy, especially with that riot of colours going on, so I settled for crabstitch instead.

And in the end, I decided against adorning the hat with beads of any kind, feeling again that it is busy enough with all of its glorious colours...

I love those candy stripes, they make me feel slightly giddy, as if perpetual summer holidays were just around the corner. Unfortunately I finished it after the heat wave had hit the UK, but I'll be sure to take it with me to the South of France in September! :)

Thanks for reading, everyone, I'll be back soon with more!

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  1. What fun summer colors! Too bad it was finished too late for your needs, but at least you have a new accessory to wear next opportunity :)