23 July 2015

The Injured Flip-Flop

Hello, my dears! The story today - again, not crochet related - is that of a beloved pair of flip-flops which I have had for a couple of years. Here are said flip-flops:

But, o horror, can you see? Some of the beads have got detached from the strap on the left foot! Unspeakable tragedy! Look!


So what to do? The missing beads were nowhere to be found, by now probably buried deep within the carpet, only to be unearthed again in half a century by an unsuspecting tenant (that being said, I hope the landlord doesn't wait half a century to change the carpet...).

Anyway, in a previous life, I most likely would have discarded my injured flip-flops, heading straight to the shops to get myself a new pair, and glad to have the excuse for another shopping spree. But these days, I'm not that much into shopping anymore, unless it's for yarn, fabric and other crafty trinkets like beads. And I have quite a lot of beads...

So I chose three at first - it ended up being four to fill up the whole empty space - in a similar colour scheme as the flip-flops' straps...

...strung them on a bit of thread...

...and sewed them onto the empty strap section with a regular sewing needle. I did quite a few back-and-forths, as well as sewed between the beads themselves to make sure they were extra secure. And there you have it, the injured flip-flop is repaired. Granted, they are non-matching beads, but I think that gives it personality!

Thanks for reading, folks! :)


  1. Good solution! Instead of throwing them away, you can still enjoy them now!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  2. Very clever! It's always my luck that the flip flops pull out from the center :/ Glad you were able to save them and still save the cuteness of the beads!