28 May 2014


A quick one today, to share with you my latest make, most likely for the Yarndale display in September (that is, if I can bear to part with it!). The first mandala that I ever designed :) It started life as part of a shawl design found on Pinterest and later shared on my Facebook page here. Here's one of my first attempts:

But as I progressed, I didn't like what it was turning into, and so I ended up altering the pattern completely, and making a mandala out of it. And after a few trials and errors, here is the finished result:

As you can probably tell from the profusion of same-y photos, I am ridiculously pleased with it ;) Now all I have left to do is to stiffen it with craft glue on the back and post it to Lucy in Yorkshire. That means I get to see it displayed at Yarndale in September! :) Have you been crocheting mandalas lately?

Thanks for reading, guys :) xxx

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