23 May 2014

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Yesterday was my birthday. We had the day off and went into town for a delicious coffee and a spot of lunch by the Thames. We got out of the restaurant in the middle of a sudden thunderstorm and a very heavy shower. We laughed like little children as we ran for shelter. I love this kind of weather. It reminds me of the summers in my native South of France, where the blue skies and oven-hot temperatures sometimes give way, and quite suddenly so, to roaring thunder, drumming rain and delicious coolness.

So, with our clothes soaked and our hair dripping, trying desperately to stay under my tiny umbrella - bearing in mind that I'm 5'1 and he's 6'3 - we finally took refuge in a lovely riverside café, where we had a hot drink and something sweet. I love the decor of that café, it is deliciously retro and deliberately over the top, as you can see:

I had fresh rose mint tea, and frozen yoghurt with orange blossom and pomegranate seeds. Mmmm, was it delicious! And it looked pretty, as well :)

After that, we headed home as the sunshine reappeared and the flowers sparkled with jewel-like droplets of water.

I spent some time crafting, as I had bought goods from the John Lewis haberdashery section in town.

Presents? Oh yes. This scrummy yarn...

...and a weekend in Bath! Yay!

A very happy birthday girl, I was! :)

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