15 May 2014

Springtime Wanderings

The good thing about being ill is when you get better. I have had a very rough couple of weeks, but I am almost back to full health and boy does that feel good! I am finally able to enjoy life's little pleasures which I missed so dearly when I was unwell. Crochet is not unfortunately one of them for now, as my wrist is still playing up, but it seems that my neck muscles have finally "untwisted" themselves, allowing me to hold my head up without giving me searing migraines. Aaaaaah, such bliss!

One thing I've got back to is walking in the park. Spring is one lovely season to do that and with Richmond Park down the road, there is absolutely no excuse.

Last weekend, we both took our cameras and went on a photo spree in the park, bringing back interesting pictures of ancestral trees...

...and of the joyful evidence of spring...

There's nothing quite like seeing all those amazing colours to instantly feel better :) Well, there's crochet as well, but not for a little while yet...

Thanks for reading! xxx

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