06 November 2014

Another Little Bag

Hello, my lovelies! Do you remember the little gift bags I've been making of late? This one, this one, this one and this one? Oh, and this one, of course, the first ever?

Well, I am definitely on a roll with those, as I have just finished one and have another one in the making. The one that I have just finished is not technically a gift bag, since it's simply for me, to carry, er... women's necessities. Ahem.

Anyhoo, it is made with a darling of a yarn, which I once bought whilst visiting a friend in Bordeaux in the spring of 2012. Lang Jawoll Magic sock yarn, in a colourway that I am pretty sure has now been discontinued, sadly. I used the very last bit of it for this project, and even had to frog a couple of other tidbits to be able to finish it. The rest of it I used for another project, which I hope to blog about soon(ish).

Shall we do a bit of ta-dah, then? Here goes... TA-DAH!

This bag, as most of the others, was worked in rounds of double crochet stitches based on an initial chain of 16. Once I got to the desired height, I worked a round of half trebles, ch1, and then went on to do the ruffling, with the usual 2 dc in dc from previous round for, I think, 4 consecutive rounds. I then whipped up a quick chain for the pull string and decorated it with those cute stars and beads.

And voilà! A delightful little bag all to myself. I love how the variegated yarn turned out on this one, and how the pinkish hues of the ruffled top make it look even more like a flower.

And I love the fact that the beads I found echo the colourway of the yarn so effortlessly. Such pretty little things... 

That's all for this one, peeps. I would love to hear what you think! I will definitely write a detailed tutorial for this one, once I am done with the Blanket tutorial, currently on the way.

In the meantime, thanks for reading! :)


  1. This is such fun. My daughter would love one of these. Adding to my increasing list of things I wish to make.

    1. They are ! I absolutely love making them, they're so quick to make and the result is always so pretty. Thanks for dropping by! :)