01 November 2014

Pink & Blue Cloche Hat

Hello, everyone! So, I have this lovely vintage-style blue coat which I love, fitted at the waist and flaring down to the knees (a little bit like this one). Trouble is, it is such a deep blue that it's not very easy to find a hat that goes with it. And double trouble is, I NEED to wear hats in autumn/winter. I have ears of the sensitive persuasion and they do not take getting blown at by freezing winds kindly.

For a while, I looked for suitable yarn to make a hat that would go with my coat. As often, I found it completely by chance at a craft fair, and when I bought it, I didn't have the remotest idea of what I would end up making with it.

Here is it: Sirdar Squiggle Super Chunky (now discontinued, I believe).

I could honestly not tell you when the idea of making a hat with it came to me. Maybe when I rewound the four balls with the yarn winder... Suffice it to say that one day, it struck me that one of the blue hues in that yarn matched the colour of my coat perfectly. And so, with the chunky yarn working up quickly, a vintage-style hat, or cloche - was born in a matter of hours. Now, for the trimming, I hadn't decided yet what I wanted to do. Originally, I thought about crocheting a massive flower. But I had this ribbon in my stash and once again, I saw how closely it matched one of the pink hues in the hat, and so decided my hat would sport a pink ribbon.

As you can see above, I simply arranged the ribbon in loose loops on one side for decoration. Sewing the ribbon on was no mean feat, and I was actually so scared about the whole process that the hat remained untouched with its pinned-on ribbon for months on end. But then I got annoyed with myself for procrastinating so abjectly, and last night I grabbed my needle and thread and proceeded to accomplish the dreaded task. The ribbon does pucker a bit due to the stretchy nature of the yarn, but this is not as visible when the hat is worn.

Speaking of which... Let's have a look at it when worn, then, shall we? Here goes!

There you have it. I do apologise for the above photobomb, but I had no model or dummy head on hand, and anyway the hat is made to measure for my tiny head! A huge thank you to Mr Little Crochet for his assistance, by the way :)

Phew, let's go back to a non-worn hat, which is much easier to pull off and is not likely to cause any awkwardness on my part!

Ah, that's better. So what do you think? I have to say, I am really pleased with it. It is far from perfect, but it goes with my beloved coat and is sure to keep my ears toasty this winter. Oh, and I love cloche hats. So what more could I possibly ask for?

On this note, thanks for reading and see you soon! :)


  1. so many colours...for a wonderful hat !!!
    congratulatons....you are so cute with it...
    besitos andaluces